And based on cloud computing technologyB/SIndependent research and development of architecture、OperationsiHotelThe hotel information platform,Has formed the green cloudPMS、Oracle Hospitality(Opera PMS)、Data platform、Electric business platform four business cluster,It marketing oriented,Based on guest history and member data,With big data technology reconstruction of the integration of online hotel marketing the new system,To the hotel in the new era of operations management to provide strong technical support。

The green cloudPMS

IsiHotelThe hotel information platform to build the foundation,ContainsPMS、CRS、CRM、LPS、POS、MiHotelApplications such as business functions,Are the integration of cloud architecture design。It has perfect application in hotel chain、A five-star hotel、Intermediate business type hotel、Economy hotel and high-end home stay in the inn,Is one of the few domestic suitable for large accommodation all forms of cloudPMSProducts。

Oracle Hospitality

The green cloud is oracle partner network(OPN)Platinum members。By theOracleAuthorization,Distribution、Implementation and supportOracle HospitalityThe solution。Opera PMSAndSimphonyThe introduction of the product,Further widened the breadth and width of green cloud customers,For the green cloud platform strategy provides new business support。

Data platform

Geared to the needs of the hospitality industryB2BTrading and service platform,It will be a lot of tourist industryBThe business platform and operation management system within the hotel link,Looking forward to form a industry“The information superhighway”,For the hotel marketing、Customer experience iterative provide connectivity and product technical support,Is the embodiment of technology to promote the hotel operation change。

Electric business platform

Through WeChat、Site help hotel build connection and channelsCThe guestB2B2CDirect selling business platform,Promote hotel online direct marketing ability。It is based oniHotelThe hotel information platform construction,And through the data platformPMSEstablish information between pathways,To ensure the hotel for members and guest history data of complete and absolute control,Provide strong support for hotel to share mobile Internet bonuses。
  • High-end chain
  • High-end monomer
  • Economic chain
  • Boutique chain
  • Mid-range chain
  • Integrated system
  • Colleges and universities
  • Outside the hotel