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Leadership concern-Yongxing ceramic
Yongxing ceramic hot new products
Leadership concern
Our company2013Chengdu spring sugar and wine will be introduced a new ceramic bottle,Warmly welcome your visit!
The development of technological innovation-Xing yongxing to forge ahead
Zhangshu yongxing ceramic products co., LTDISOThrough the quality management system authentication

The dynamic of the industry

The development of technological innovation-Xing yongxing to forge ahead
The development of technological innovation-Xing yongxing to forge ahead
In our country09In ceramic industry situation of economic operation
2009In ceramic industry report Compared to the market will still be promising
Ten of China ceramics competition war A great strategy
Antique Tibet today:A ceramic bottle can hide“Changsha pot”Hundreds of thousands of value

       Jiangxi zhangshu yongxing ceramic products co., LTD. Is specialized in the production of high、In the、Low-grade ceramic bottle,Is located in the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of linjiang town in one thousand,Close to105National highway、Chang zhang、Ganyue expressway,Distance“Wine、Medicines、Salt”Zhangshu only20Minutes,The traffic is very convenient。
       Since the company2005Years since its founding,On its own unique advantages,In the fierce market competition growing development,Power is becoming more and more strong。2009In order to improve enterprise's soft、Hard power,Total investment5000More than ten thousand yuan to the original factory、Equipment、A dramatic technology upgrading。Introduced the current domestic industry the most advanced conveyor and decorating firing kiln production line,The new、The expansion of the moulding、The mud、The glaze、To shape、Vacuum deaeration、Roast flowers6A workshop,A total construction area of2Thousands moreM2,Scale in the same industry in the province。
       Company technical force is abundant,Process、Well-equipped,Detection means complete,Can develop wineries need different modelling、Different specifications of the bottle;Is jiangxi four wine co., LTD. The main partners,And with the domestic30Several winery has established good business relations of cooperation。
       Abide by the company“Quality first、The user is supreme,To make friends,Letter to thrive,Mutually beneficial cooperation,Common development! ”The aim of the,We sincerely welcome new and old customers to patronize。

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